The Education of Queenie McBride

The Education of Queenie McBride

Even though I am excited about the re-release of The Trouble with Emily Dickinson, I am even more excited about the sequel. It was fun to write, because I was able to advance the story and take the characters in new directions.

Those who have read The Trouble with Emily Dickinson, often tell me that Queenie McBride was their favorite character. And in the sequel, The Education of Queenie McBride, Queenie is the main focus. Readers will get to know Queenie on a more intimate level as she struggles to find her identity away from Sampson Academy and at Boston University. The sequel also focuses on a topic that is often overlooked, even in the gay community — LGBT teen homelessness. I won’t give too much away about the plot, but Queenie and JJ are definitely thrown into situations they weren’t expecting and are forced to grow and evolve. Queenie’s extremely independent and isn’t the kind of girl to settle down, but there just might be a girl out there for her after all.

The Education of Queenie McBride is currently in the “editing” phase of publishing. Once it gets through that whole process, a cover will be made and the book will be put together. I’m guessing late spring for a publishing date — but don’t quote me. I need to have some new head shots taken. It’s been so long that Curve (the magazine I write for) keeps recycling my old ones when they highlight contributing writers.

Anyway, keep an eye out for the sequel. And if you haven’t read The Trouble with Emily Dickinson yet, I urge you to get the new and improved version—available next month. Contact me and tell me what you think!

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