Things have been a little quiet and calm lately, as I prepare myself for one of the biggest life changes I’ll ever undergo. I still can’t really wrap my head around it, not in a negative way but in a way that makes me blink my eyes in wonder at this thing called “life.” 

As I get ready for the release of The Education of Queenie McBride (August), I’ve been doing some housecleaning on the writing front. I’ve updated my article samples, and uploaded both the Jackie Warner and the Martina Navratilova articles for your reading pleasure (in case you weren’t able to purchase the May issue of Curve Magazine). You can find them in the “about me” section.

I should probably point out that the release of my next book isn’t the “biggest life change” that I am anticipating. No, it’s actually the birth of my first child. I’ve kept it quiet because it’s very personal and I’ve tried to keep some things in my life to myself instead of airing it all out on this website. I’m excited to meet our little girl. My wife has been carrying her for the past eight months. We are naming her Margaret, after my grandmother, and we’re going to call her “Maggie” for short. That’s part of what makes it so special. From the parenting standpoint, I feel completely unprepared. But I guess that’s just part of the experience of it all. I’m enjoying this quiet time in my life for right now, because when Maggie arrives I know everything is going to change.





3 thoughts on “Quiet”

  1. Lyndsey,
    Congratulations both on the release of your new book as well as your first child!

    Parenting is a blast and more work than you can imagine.

    You’ll be great at it.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mark Jabo


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