Josephine Jenkins, better known as JJ, is in her senior year at Sampson Academy. She’s a closet poet, a talented writer suffering from stage fright, and she’s committed the ultimate lesbian faux pas — she’s fallen in love with a straight girl. Kendal McCarthy is uber popular. She’s the campus beauty and a cheerleader. Though she may seem to have her life figured out, she’s still searching for that elusive high school experience that will help her make sense of herself before she leaves for college. When she and JJ inadvertently cross paths, their lives suddenly become a bit more interesting in ways that neither of them ever imagined. Filled with unique and witty banter courtesy of Queenie McBride, JJ’s over-privileged confidant, this tale of innocent love exposes the reality of what can happen when two polar opposites collide in the most unexpected way through the poetry of Emily Dickinson. 



2008 Golden  Crown Literary Society Winner for Debut Author 


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